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Impregnation line
paper impregnation line is used for impregnating paper with Urea or Phenol or Melamine resins. Such impregnated papers are used for making laminates or in pre-lamination of particle boards, like MDF and HDF. The resin gives the impregnated material strong mechanical properties, making it ideal for use as decorative laminates, industrial laminates, and laminates for melamine faced chip boards. Types of paper used include Decor, Kraft, Finished Foil, Overlay, etc. we supply one and two step impregnation line, 4??5??6??7??and 8??paper width, biggest size of phenolic impregnation line at 12ft. this is the biggest size in the world.
short cycle laminating press (SCP) is used to produce laminated boards (pre-lam). The total line consists of the machines used from board feeding (sandwich structure loading) to laminating press body, then to unloading unit with board inspection, cooling, sorting and stacking. MMG SCP contains 4’x8’, 4’x9’, 5’x10’, 6’x9’, and 6’x12’ 7’ x 14 and bigger. A common application is the lamination of melamine treated papers on to particle boards, MDF boards, and HDF boards. The boards out of this process are commonly known as pre-laminated boards or...
HPL Press
high pressure laminating press (HPL) Line is used to produce the high-pressure decorative laminates, these application in home and office furniture, especially for kitchen facility and public area including partitions, paneling, and kitchen tops. HPL is also used to produce industrial laminates used as insulation boards, copper clad PCBs, and insulator sheets. The total line consists of the machines for assembly, stripping, mould handling, loading, unloading, conveying, and press lamination. MMG Kunshang Brach, has token over 70% of HPL market share, in Changzhou area, Famous HPL manufacturer adopt our HPL line. Products for the range of 4’x8’, 4’x9’ till 7’x14’ and 8’x14’.
Press Plate
for application of SCP and HPL, wood pattern and other design need to be present on the board surface. Stainless steel after hard chrome galvanized with varies pattern and different effect. Like high glossy, matt, suede and embossment. Press plate after treatment, Rockwese Hardness (HRC) at 43-48, thickness at 2-5mm,lifecycle over 150,000sheets of pressing
Door Skin Mould press
As the market requirement, customers need more and more splendid design and real wood grain pattern, also know-how of MDF soften technology is mature into being, we supply mould door skin press, from one layer to 3layers, and cylinder could be mounted on top or bottom to suit customers??requirement. For more information, please refer to separate page
Coating machine
The equipment of coating line includes un-winding device, coating unit, drying ovens, cooling stage and re-winding device as well as auxiliary like humidification, complication, auto web-aligner, auto tension control, online quality inspection and synchronous transmission etc Adopting special design, various coating line can be used to make adhesive tap ( LDPE, GC tap), release paper, release membrane ( non-solvent type, hot and UV curing), we supply below coating machinery: release paper/film coating line, BOPP coating line, PE protective film line, advertising inkjet coating printer, rust-proof paper coating line etc
Décor paper gravure printer
Series gravure printer Series gravure printer, is suitable for printing of décor paper with wood grain pattern. Applying water based ink or oil based ink, it can achieve satisfying effect. It?? also suitable for roll materials printing, like polyster paper, transfer printing paper, PVC, aluminum foil etc. it is also multifunctional rotogravure printing equipment for various usage
Door skin
Door skin is a kind of melamine paper faced composites based on MDF or HDF, our series specification as 2100 x 740 x 3/5 mm, 2100 x 840 x 3/5 mm, 2100 x 920 x 3/5mm, 1220 x 2440 x 3/5mm. Door skin surface effect can match solid wood, these composites have various wood grain pattern like sabeli, red walnut, Manchurian ash, red walnut, beech, teak, pear, cherry, red sandal, purple sandal, hope all customers order according to our standard models
WPC extruder
Wood-plastic composites (WPC), made of wood fiber or plant fibers as the main component, after pretreatment with thermoplastic resin or other materials based on a combination of a new material. Since WPC is crystalline (wood fiber or fibers) and the disordered state (resin) of the multi-phase state, it has both wood fiber high strength, high flexibility, but also has a strong toughness, resistance to fatigue, etc., so it has excellent overall performance, that is, a good mechanical strength, impact strength, thermal scalability and less water absorption than that of wood, good dimensional stability, wear resistance and chemical corrosion proof. WPC has its advantages, is widely used via extrusion, pressing, injection molding machinery. Our WPC extruding mold machine is for the production of wood-plastic door, corner, and profile. Adopting thermal transfer, or UV coating technology, final finishing, with smooth and shine surface, non-dust, aseptic, non formaldehyde release, is ideal for indoor and outdoor decorative materials
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