This machine is ideal for two or multi layers dry laminating of various material film such as BOPP, PET ,PVC , PE ,NY ,FOIL and paper etc
  • unwind and rewind unit adopt turret type with independent turning frame . Air shaft for loading.
  • tension control system : PLC+ English sets of vector frequency inverter motor + dancing roller device.
  • parameters and machine running condition are displayed by touch screen.
  • pneumatically open/close drying cabinet length 8 meter (four stages).
  • coating model : anilox roller (any specifications for choice).
  • certain height for glue reservation and glue circle automatically.
  • guide roller inside drying cabinet is run synchronously.
  • EPC device is attached for 1st unwind unit.
  • pre-drying of waiting roller before roll exchange and web splicing without stop the machine.
  • lay – on roller is attached for rewind shaft.
  • laminating roller heating : electrical heating or oil heating.
  • bottom layer pre-heating , bottom water supply with auto circulation.
  • laminating motor of independently frequency inverter synchronized with coating motor by PLC control.
Technical parameters:
Machine type MMIGF1000I
Material type  
BOPP 19~60ūm
PET 12~60ūm
PE 30~100ūm
CPP 20~60ūm
PVC 25~65ūm
NY 15~50ūm
Max mechanical speed 170m/min
Laminating speed is variable because of different glue ,film , familiarity of operator  
ax laminating speed 150m/min
Max raw material width 1050mm
Max dia of unwind φ600mm
Max dia of rewind φ800mm
Core I.D. of raw material φ76mm
Dia of anilox roller φ210mm
Drying temp. setting range 100℃