Lease type paper/film coating machine description:

The products applied to release paper , release membrane include: solvent , solvent – free coating
  • Netted coating die and solvent – free coating die are equipped for production purpose ;
  • with turn- wrest tension control , the unit operates stably ;
  • devices are quipped with rewet units , while trimming devices can be chosen for match;
  • heavy duty wind – in and wind – up can achieve operation splicing which turns out to be high production efficiency;
  • efficient axial fans are used in ovens , as a result they have high drying efficiency , while they apply multi – port temperature control method , preciously control the temperature of all ovens sections ;
  • the products use EPC deviation rectifying machine to ensure the finished edge neat ;
Technical parameters:
Model MMI-T0600 MMI-T1100 MMI-T1300 MMI-T1600
Efficient width 600 1100 1300 1600
Mechanical speed (m/min) 3~30 10~120 10~250 10~250
Drying tunnel length 10~36
Heating methods steam/HTF/hot stove/electric heating