The products are fit for PE membrane and other flexible base material’s production
  • Drying cabinets apply flat structure while the caterpillar treads transport base materials ;
  • The full set applies frequency conversion of no stage transmission , so the operation maintenance is simple ; ;
  • The products has high degree of automation , so the operation maintenance is simple;
  • Behind the cooling boxes staffs equip cooling tanks , while control temperature fractionally;
  • The products apply duplex position rotary wrap-up board , equip with tank in front of the wrap – up section , which achieves operational automatic fixed length wrap-up ;
Technical parameters:
Model MMI-T1100 MMI-T1300 MMI-T1600
Efficient width 1100 1320 1600
Mechanical speed (m/min) 8~80 /min
Drying tunnel length 14~28meters (includes 2 meters cold box)
Heating methods steam/HTF/hot stove/electric heating
Heating methods transferred coating / direct coating