This machine is ideal for printing film of BOPP,PET,PVC,PE,NY and paper,it prints continuously for multiple colors
  • l Unwind and rewind until adopt turrent type with inde pendent turning frame.
  • l Air shaft is for loading ,pre-driving of waiting roller before roll exchange and web splicing without stop the machine.
  • l Tension control system: PLC+ seven sets of vector frequency inverter motor +dancing roller device.
  • l Four stage tension :unwind , infeed ,outfeed ,rewind.
  • l Parameters and machine running condition are displayde by touch screen.
  • l Pre-heating device is attached before printing.
  • l Shaft-less cylinder for rapid plate cylinder exchange
  • l Automatic speed up/down to the target speed gradually,impression rubber roller can impress automatically/manually in order,easy to operate.
  • l The auto ink circulation system is a standard acce ssory.
  • l Double-shaft mutil-direction adjustable doctor blade is controllerby pneumatic parts.
  • l Ink transfer roller to prevent ink splash for high speed running.
  • l Pneumatically open/close cabinet with guide way and trolley.
  • l The film drying system use infared heating device for constant temperature control and air exhausting device avaliable.
  • l Heating mode:eletrical heating or oil heating.
  • l Up/down(vertical)color control system (vertical&horizontal color control system is for choice)
  • l Web video is a standard accessory
  • l Optional device: reverse printing structure,ink viscosity control. Device,unwind EPCdevice
Technical parameters:
Machine type MMIY81000I
Color quantity 8
Material type  
BOPP 19~60ūm
PET 12~60ūm
PE 35~100ūm
CPP 25~60ūm
PVC 35~65ūm
NY 12~50ūm
Copper paper 30~120g/m2
Max mechanical speed 220m/min
Max printing speed 200m/min
Printing speed is variable because of differentink,film,printing cyclinder and familiarity of operator  
Max raw material width 1050mm
Max printing width 1020mm
Core I.D.of raw material φ76mm or φ150mm
Length of plate cylinder 750~1100mm
Dia.of plate cylinder φ120~φ270mm
Max dia of unwind&rewind φ800mm
Tension setting range 3~30kgf
Auto color control precision ≤3%
Color control precision ±0.10mm
Pneumatic source 0.6Mpa
Impression roller pressure 370kgf(full load)
Doctor blade pressure 10~110kgf
Doctor blade transverse move range ±4~10mm
Chilly water 5T/h(2kg/cm2)
Electricial heating power 234kw
Total power consumption 320kw
Machine weight ~42500kg
Machine size 18000(L)×4800(W)×2800(H)